LOLER Inspections

Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment

Drivelink Training is now able to offer thorough examinations of arboricultural equipment, designed to keep you safe and help you meet the regulations demanded by LOLER. David Vickers will inspect your climbing and rigging equipment and provide you with a clearly written report meeting the standards and detailing any defects, observations or remedial action that should be taken.


The equipment can be inspected at your premises, at a worksite, or you can bring it to Drivelink Training and leave it with David. Whether you are a self-employed climber with one climbing kit or a national organisation with thousands of items, Drivelink Training can work with you to ensure your equipment remains in safe working order. Drivelink Training will also take reasonable actions to ensure that all the relevant information such as instruction manuals are also held with the report, plus any equipment that is not uniquely identifiable will be given a code in accordance with your numbering system.

Your equipment will be added to our database, which will make future inspections quicker and easier for all concerned as all the equipment information will be known about already; it also means that should you need to get hold of information about an item you can just get in touch and we can provide it for you.

This frayed rope is not safe to climb on
This frayed rope is not safe to climb on


Drivelink Training will provide you with a professional report that meets, and often exceeds, the statutory requirements. This typed report will detail any defects and associated corrective action that should be taken - for example, replacing the bridge on a harness - rather than just failing the entire harness, which could well save you having to invest in expensive new gear when it's not necessary. That said, any items not meeting the required level will be failed and it will be made clear which items those are and why.

Read this article on expectations with LOLER reports and download an example LOLER report from Drivelink Training

Under the regulations you should have all the certificates of conformity and user instructions, if these are not provided along with the equipment then Drivelink Training will spend a reasonable amount of time to ensure that this information is provided alongside the report (although a small charge will be applied if this time is excessive!).

What you will receive is a professional, well written, report that meets the requirements and details all the information for your equipment. Drivelink Training will also maintain a copy of the report so that should you lose it, you can get in touch and we can provide a replacement for you quickly.


Sometimes all that is needed is a quick repair to an item in order to get it back into service - if you don't have the time, inclination or whatever to repair it yourself and then get it resubmitted, Drivelink Training can do it for you. A charge will be made for this service and an estimate will be provided allowing you to remain in total control.

Teufelberger treeMOTION harness gets repaired during a LOLER inspection.
Teufelberger treeMOTION harness gets repaired during a LOLER inspection.

An ISC rope grab gets the return wire replaced during a LOLER inspection.
An ISC rope grab gets the return wire replaced during a LOLER inspection.

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