Maintenance & Crosscutting

This is the first course that you'd be recommended to take, as it provides the starting point for all other courses, covering underpinning knowledge of health & safety and legal responsibilities, chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting techniques.

Felling Up To 380mm

This 5-day course (including assessment) covers the basic techniques of dealing with straight fell and weighted trees, as well as looking at how we can manage hung-up trees safely and branch removal.

Felling Over 380mm

This 4-day course (including assessment) covers medium and large tree felling and introduces new techniques in dealing with trees of this size. The practical use of winches (Tirfor & Lugall) and understanding the importance of different setups will be covered.

Emergency Treework Operations

This 4-day course (including assessment) is a great option for arb teams, estate maintenance and roadside management businesses; it covers dealing with windblown trees, rope-based and winch-based assisted felling.

Dealing With Windblown Trees

This 4-day course is designed for those working in forestry and deals with windblown, wind-thrown and wind-snapped trees. It's a highly practical course and we cover the use of winches in various scenarios to ensure the safety of the chainsaw operator.

Assisted Felling Operations

This 3-day course (including assessment) is ideal for those working forestry and we will go through rope-based and winch-based assisted felling operations, setting up systems and looking at the potential loads incurred.

Climbing & Aerial Rescue

This 6-day course (including assessment) covers all the basics to get you climbing in the trees; from legislative requirements to visual tree assessments, setting up a climbing system to rescuing a casualty, including spiking and belay systems. The course will be tailored based on your experience too.

Aerial Cutting

This 4-day course (including assessment) covers the use of a chainsaw in the tree canopy. Ideally you'll already have some experience of tree climbing from working in the industry as this course does not cover climbing techniques, but aims to prepare you for using free-fall cutting techniques.

Aerial Rigging

This 4-day course (including assessment) is most often taken by those that have been in the industry a while and who may already have some experience of rigging - but you can attend even if you don't have this. We'll go into different rigging systems and how to assess for peak loads to ensure the safety of the team.

Don't see what you want?

Drivelink Training does offer more training, but the above courses represent the core of what we provide. However, if you need qualifications covering brushcutters, wood chippers, mowers or pole-saws then please do get in touch.

Brushcutter training

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